Turn Meatless Monday into a lifestyle to save a packet

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When I looked at my family’s budget, I was shocked by how much we spent on food each month, but I didn’t understand why. I carefully plan meals every week. We rarely deviate from the menu. We don’t eat out very often. Why is our cost so high? I sought in the old budget spreadsheets I’ve kept since my college years.

Turn Meatless Monday Into a Lifestyle to Save a Bundle | Onefctv
Turn Meatless Monday Into a Lifestyle to Save a Bundle | Onefctv

Back then I lived with $50-75 a month in my food budget, and still tried to earn. I’ve certainly eaten a lot less $1 frozen pizzas and unbranded yellow puff pastries than I’ve ever had in the past, but I’ve probably been missing something there since my school days.

As soon as I started looking at my old budget, I realized inflation was not the cause – my diet was like that. I spent my college years as a strict vegetarian, which inadvertently put my food spending under control. Keeping my food budget low and living less helped me out of college debt, because it was an aspect of the budget that I was always in control of.

I started coming back with some of my favorite vegetarian meals and was surprised to see my food spending plummet. Take into account the habits that I adopted during my college days to ensure that I followed these rules to keep my vegetarian meals budget-friendly.

When I was a vegetarian, I was also working full-time and was going to college full-time, so due to necessity, my meal was simple. When you’re trying to in combining more vegetarian meals into your diet, there are countless options to choose from – from intricate Thai pads to extremely easy-to-roast grilled cheeses. Usually, the simpler the meal, the less expensive it is, because you do not buy many different ingredients or are difficult to find.

Hoarding of key items
I noticed in my budget that my first trip of the month was usually the most expensive because I stocked up on key ingredients such as pasta, quinoa, rice, and eggs. There are several simple facilities for your vegetarian meals that make meal preparation easy and you have a multitude of options. Quiche has always been a versatile favorite of mine.

Reuse of components
When I plan my vegetarian menu, I make sure that none of my food is wasted. If I buy a bag of carrots, I’ll mix carrot muffins for breakfast, eat them in salads mixed at lunch, and eat roasted carrot chips for dinner. Using the ingredients in multiple meals means you are buying and wasting less.

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