Twitch will now ban users from bad behaviour outside the platform

Even if a violation occurs outside of Twitch, it can result in users being banned from using the live streaming service.

In a bold move, Twitch announced that it would ban users from its platform for misconduct that took place outside of Twitch.

Twitch Will Now Ban Users for Bad Behavior Outside the Platform

This will only happen when there is ve verified and available evidence of hostile or harassing behavior.

Twitch introduces an updated policy on out-of-service behavior

As announced on the Twitch blog, the site’s out-of-service enforcement policies are changing. That means users can be banned on Twitch for a variety of crimes, even if these actions happen entirely outside of Twitch.

Examples of these acts include violent extremism, terrorist activity, membership of a hate group, child exploitation, etc.

According to Twitch, it focuses on behaviors that are “potentially the greatest harm” to its community.

Although Twitch has enforced these rules in the past, it does not take an expandable approach due to complex investigative requirements and needs to rely on outside parties such as law enforcement. As a result, Twitch hired a third-party investigative partner to support the internal Twitch team.

Action will only be taken when there is evidence, such as screenshots, videos, police records and interviews.

The results of any investigation will not be shared publicly due to the sensitive nature of the matter, but those involved will receive updates.

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