Upcoming GTA Online and Red Dead Online updates

With both games having more players than ever in recent months, we know the community is waiting for news of any updates to GTA Online and Red Dead Online, and we’re excited to share that both games will get exciting new updates in the next few weeks ahead.

For Red Dead Online, players can expect a major new update to come on Tuesday, July 28 with the new Frontier Pursuit feature that will introduce players to the secrets of naturalism as part of the all-new Role, along with the new Outlaw Pass, numerous community-requested features and bug fixes, and more to play and explore in the coming months.

A summer update to GTA Online is also underway, bringing an exciting combination of a variety of new content from the game’s huge range of experiences for you to enjoy.

Later this year, players can expect more major updates to both games, including some exciting new extensions and additions to an existing role in Red Dead Online and the biggest update ever for GTA Online, which has our latest Heists role in a whole new location.

Community feedback

Thanks to your submissions through our official feedback channels, we’ve added some highly requested features in recent updates – including instruments in Red Dead Online, the ability to run all our business through Master Control Terminal in GTA Online, and more. Many of your suggestions will be included in our game over the next few weeks, so please continue to respond by sending us your thoughts via GTA Online and Red Dead Online feedback pages.

We are also committed to ensuring that our games bring joy to everyone and are as safe as possible from modifications, fraudsters, hackers, and those who seek to harass other players. So far this year, we’ve taken action against hundreds of thousands of players found to have violated community rules across both games. Please help us keep our community safe and happy by reporting any type of fraud directly in the game or through our dedicated web reporting tools for both Red Dead Online and GTA Online.

Even more, is being implemented as always, follow Newswire for information.

Written by Im Fox


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