What It Means to Be Frugal

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Frugality had a bad rap.

Have you ever decided against immediate satisfaction and instead chose to wait for an even more satisfying experience afterward? You may have turned to a mediocre biscuit during a quick break so you can enjoy a delicious piece of cake at home. You may have had enough days off at work to go on a long weekend, but you waited until you accumulated more to be able to enjoy a proper week off. Both of those decisions, at their core, are made from a place of saving. You value your dessert and you want to enjoy that calorie, not rush. You understand the importance of spending time and wanting as much as you can, even if you have to wait a little longer.

What It Means to Be Frugal | Onefctv
What It Means to Be Frugal | Onefctv

Saving money just to see it piled up is cheap. Save money so you can apply those savings to a goal of saving.

We’re all familiar with the stereotype of super saver coupon sellers stocking up on dozens and dozens of cans of tuna in their basements – they’re a good thing! He’s cheap. But what if the same person wants to help buy the shelves of a local food bank and can only be purchased through their coupon skills? It’s so serene.

To really save, you must first figure out your purpose. Are you trying to save for a home? Paying off your student loans? Once you have identified your goal, all your savings efforts are suddenly meaningful and purposeful.

Saving is an option based on long-term profits, which must be admittedly very difficult to implement. We are surrounded by machines that produce information, affection, automatic and instant food – anything we want is just a few manipulations. Those fleeting moments of happiness are false. They are not intended to create a lasting sense of satisfaction, but they are aimed at making your return more in short moments of pleasure.

By focusing on the end of the game, you can learn to separate from the instant satisfaction of extra lunches in exchange for delayed satisfaction with a murderous meal each season at the Michelin-starred restaurant. The choices are for you to make every day.

Saving is really about looking at your spending as it reflects your goals.

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