What to do when your Home Business grows stronger than your Home

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For many people with all kinds of home businesses, the idea is that you can work from home and be more flexible. It’s all fine and nice until your business grows to the point where you can’t run it at home anymore (at least not always).

What to do When Your Home-Based Business Outgrows Your Home | Onefctv
What to do When Your Home-Based Business Outgrows Your Home | Onefctv

Sometimes it’s because you need to meet more people in person and you simply don’t want them to come to your house. Other times it’s because you’re just tired of it. Working from home is great for some people, but if you’re frequently distracted at home then you need to find another place to do your job.

Fortunately, there are now several alternatives for those who need to find a place to work.


Coffee Shops | Onefctv

Before joining co-working spaces or signing office leases (there will be more offices later), many home business owners with larger areas of their homes simply try working at different coffee shops. Just step into any café and you can catch them with bottles of mocha coffee and Macbook Pro.

If you start holding more face-to-face meetings, but not so much, you might be fine if you only meet at a café. In this way, you can at least save yourself some money.

However, the downside of this is that you don’t have much privacy at a café. If that’s a problem for you then you may need to look for other alternatives.

Coworking Space

Coworking Space | Onefctv

Cooperative workspaces are sprouting up all over the country. They are similar to more traditional corporate offices, but they tend to attract startups and small business owners to work from home. They also tend to attract a lot of creative folks.

The advantage of co-working space is that you have to pay a monthly membership fee that is usually much cheaper than renting a real office (most of which cost daily and weekly). How much you pay depends on whether you want to work at community desks, have your own specified desk, or work in a private office.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time and money at cafes, you might want to upgrade to a co-working space for just a few more dollars. Sometimes, a co-working space member is even cheaper than a cup of coffee and lunch daily.

You also have a little more privacy in co-working spaces thanks to phone booths and conference rooms that you can use. And, if you are participating in many face-to-face meetings, it is better to take them to a place that is at least like a professional environment.

The downside is that co-working spaces can be noisy depending on your arrival. It’s a different kind of psychoaly mind than the one you normally encounter at home, but equally. They may also not be a good idea if you do business at home asking you to store inventory or if you have multiple employees.

Office for lease
If coffee shops and co-working spaces don’t suit your home business, you might just want to go on and rent an office. This is especially good if you need the space that comes with having an entire unit, such as when you start hiring employees who need a private office or need an inventory storage place that isn’t your home.

This is the most expensive option, so make sure that your home business has grown or is growing so fast that it may need all that space.

Your home business grows faster than your home is something worth celebrating! Sure, you may not work from home anymore (although sometimes you still do), but this usually means that everything is going pretty well. The next step is just to figure out what you really need so you can choose the right workplace.

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