What you should know about unlimited vacations

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It’s a big benefit for a lot of startups and it really sounds too good to be true: unlimited vacations. No more earning extra days off or running out of PTO for appointments and commitments! But it is worth watching why your boss offers such privileges. Unfortunately, it is not to make your life better.

what You Should Know About Unlimited Vacation | Onefctv
what You Should Know About Unlimited Vacation | Onefctv

Advertiser Paul Suggett went so far as to call it a scam. “You really have to be able to quit [days] without leaving your colleagues bound,” he wrote on LinkedIn. “Check out glassdoor ratings for any company you see offering unlimited vacations. You’ll find that almost always equates to less time off, not more.”

There are many other reasons why you do not trust unlimited vacations beyond the erratic of your superiors. Suggett points out that in offices with leave permits, workers can often accumulate more time as they work longer. This can turn into making extra money if you don’t use those days, whether at the end of the fiscal year or in the calendar, or when you leave the company.

“With an unlimited system, they will pay you whether you are working or not,” he wrote. “Ergo, they want you at work, because when you’re not there, they won’t get the benefit of that money.”

Offices with unlimited vacations can also be under social pressure, both from management and other employees, forced to take no day off. Research published this week suggests that going on vacation can actually extend your life. If you’re unsure about your workplace leave policy, you should find out why.

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