What’s going on with Rory Gilmore’s finance?

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Gilmore’s Girls: A Year in the Life debuted on Netflix last month with plenty of fans. For liberals, the program asks more questions than it answers. Even if her work is printed in well-paid publications such as The New Yorker, Salon, and The Atlantic, it’s not enough to sustain Rory for months to years. Plus, there’s her apartment in Brooklyn and trips to London. How does she make it work? Is it even possible? Where did the money come from? The label? Your mother? Is it an inheritance from her grandfather? Or is Rory just good at making money, in which case, why isn’t she a financial reporter? We have decided to look at exactly what is happening with Rory’s financial situation to try to find out carefully.

What's going on with Rory Gilmore's finance? | Onefctv
What’s going on with Rory Gilmore’s finance? | Onefctv

Rory’s earnings
When we meet Rory again in A Year in the Life, she is a full-time freelancer (it can be said that the show is quite light on the details of this). One of the first scenes is Rory “running for the tree” when an editor from The Atlantic calls her. We’re not going to linger on whether Rory is a good journalist – that topic has been thoroughly mentioned and that’s the answer we don’t really want to hear – we’re particularly interested in how Rory runs his business.

The part in The Atlantic is killed, which means it is likely that Rory will receive a murder charge. The extermination fee will be part of the negotiation rate for the piece. According to, The Atlantic pays an average of $10/word. Even with the 2,500-word feature, this number will go up to $250.

Next, let’s present publications that we know Rory’s work has been published. She has enticed some big names, like The New Yorker and Slate. The highest recorded amount in the world The New Yorker is $.20/from. Again, let’s say she has about 2,500 words (the “Talk of the Town” segments are usually shorter, but we like Rory and we want her to succeed). That’s $500. Slate, again, pays $0.20. That’$ another $500.

For a while, she took over the Stars Hollow Gazette, which she said paid no. For the sake of debates (and because we want to give Rory any certainty possible), let’s say she made $1,000 during her time there.

That brings Rory’s income to a total of $1,750 (no possible murder charge from The Atlantic).

Rory’s expenses
This is where it becomes complicated. Buckle up.

Rory rented an apartment in Brooklyn. No room friends are mentioned. The average monthly rent of a studio in Brooklyn is $2,286.30. Unfortunately, that’s more than the total income Rory earned on the show.

Then there are all the flights to and from London (and there are a lot of flights). You can get a return ticket with a starting price of about $621. Cab Fair and other travel expenses will easily add another $100 per trip.

That brings Rory’s spending to at least $3,007.30 in a month – even though she eventually gave up her Brooklyn apartment. That left her with a deficit of $1,257.30 in a month, and we didn’t even track her coffee spending.

So where does the Money Come From?
Good question. We will probably never know the answer for sure. Amy Sherman-Palladino or decide that it’s not relevant… or she is not thinking about it, so we are discovering this mystery on our own.

Does Logan support the bill? At first glance, this seems like a possible option. Once everything is loaded, Rory will fly to London to visit him. However, Rory’s pride never allowed Logan to pay for everything. When he offered her an unsymed house so she could write books, she refused. That’s out.

Is she collecting credit card debt? It’s an option, but if Rory puts all this on her credit card, it becomes a key plot point. Pass.

Does she have a secret trust? We know what you’re thinking. If Rory has a secret trust fund, it must also be a plot point. We agreed, but it’s also the most likely answer. We know that Rory’s grandparents always tried to give her money. We know that Richard got through. The next thing is that it is impossible to happen that he will not leave something to Rory in his will (and for that matter Lorelei, but it is another story for another day). This money will be enough for Rory to freely pursue his dreams – and take on perfectly good editorial positions – while she finds her way.

The reason Rory never seems to worry about money is that unlike many of us, Rory doesn’t have to worry about money. The mystery is solved.

Here’s hoping that Gilmore will return with another special next year. We will cross our fingers for Gilmore Girls: An Audit. Show us those receipts!

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