Why you get free samples in the mail from Amazon

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We all have different reasons for how we react to the surprises in the letter. It could be a scam, or maybe a trap designed to bomb glittering porch thieves or an exciting perfect care package from Aunt Millie. However, when the world’s most valuable company constantly sends you all its own gifts, it may be worth considering again.

Why You're Getting Free Samples in the Mail From Amazon | Onefctv
Why You’re Getting Free Samples in the Mail From Amazon | Onefctv

Some Amazon customers may have been tempted/excited/confused about receiving free samples they didn’t order recently. This is part of a new strategy that does two things for Amazon: It earns advertising dollars through companies that load those templates, and it allows Amazon to motivate users to buy a full-sized product. In fact, templates related to a customer’s shopping history, although we don’t know the specifics, i.e., whether (or how) Amazon is using browser history, past purchases, or whatever you’re keeping in your cart, are trying to decide whether you should swing the money.

The biggest concern for consumer advocates is privacy. Amazon has broken into your home and car for delivery, but the data consequences of the free sample program can be difficult if you think too carefully about it. If you want to opt-out, you can visit this page when you log in to your account and select the second option, “I don’t want to receive personalized templates from Amazon’s sampling program.” However, if free templates from Amazon are right for you, select the first option of the page and opt in to “Postal Marketing Communications” in the Communications Preferences Center.

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